Entry #1

LOL I got art block

2010-05-02 06:42:54 by TomatoFox

Somebody please commission me so I could draw something.


No, really. Commission me! >:[


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2010-05-05 19:14:30

I wish I could help but I can't find a job myself. If it's any consolation I must say I like your art. I take you're inspired by video games and memories from childhood. Cheer up bro! I guess we have wait for better times.


2010-05-05 21:09:28

awsome art


2010-05-05 23:17:19

Mister Body Massage Machine GO!


2010-05-06 02:01:31

Sorry you got art block. I love to see more of your amazing pictures dude, I do really enjoy it. Hope you can draw some more ^^


2010-05-10 05:54:42

What the hell is art block?
And how did you get it?


2010-06-22 10:54:32

If your that desperate for ideas you could do different verrsions of that mecha-armour thing you got going in the Iron wolves entry -shrugs- just a suggestion to pass the times.


2010-06-28 11:57:36

if you want an sugestion. maby make the iron wolves in a battle.
or make a enemie or some weapens and new mega armour.
i really like your art. so keep on the good work